The First-ever

Virtual Hackathon for Female Founders 

in South East Asia

11th - 13th September 2020

We have always believed in the value of sustainable business models as the way forward for

entrepreneurship. Bringing together our community of builders and founders, Build to Last

is a virtual hackathon for female entrepreneurs, a testament to that very same belief.

Whether you are an advocate for a social cause, or looking to reimagine existing industries, this is your

platform to co-learn, and perhaps, realise your idea. Our challenge for you, is to ensure the

sustainability behind your business. It’ll be tough, and that’s why we’re here with you.

Application for the Screening Round is now closed.

Join us in the journey of building long-lasting and impactful businesses!

The need for sustainable business models have never been more prevalent as seen in the past couple of months alone. In our world, the unpredictable will always happen so how can we best prepare for the unexpected? 


Empowering you with the capability to manage any circumstance such that you can effectively adapt to whatever lies ahead. This is why sustainability is the central theme of "Build to Last".


So now, how can you build your idea to last? Let’s find out.

Sustainability is the key.


  • You may join as a solo female founder, or as part of a team.

  • For teams, there is a limit of two individuals, with a requirement of at least one female co-founder.

  • For mixed-gender teams, the lead applicant/founder must be female.

Acceptable team formats: 

Solo female founder

Team of two female co-founders

Team of one female lead founder + one male co-founder

Other Requirements:

  • Applicants should have an existing business idea to work on prior to the hackathon.

  • Current founders with existing businesses in the early stage may also apply. 

Program Timeline


The top 3 winners will receive hands-on mentorship and business coaching from the Reapra & Future Females network.

Additionally, winners will immediately advance into the later stages of interviews with Reapra’s Investment Committee for up to SGD $100K in funding and receive Special Offers for Future Females Global Business School


Future Females is a platform that connects, inspires, and supports existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs. We are women that break the mold and think bigger. We want more and take action to get it. The Singapore Chapter debut its presence in SEA among 33 global chapters that looking forward to leveraging this movement in the region as the next step.

Reapra is a venture builder and investment group that aims to nurture entrepreneurs into industry leaders, and contribute towards the betterment of society. To date, Reapra has invested in more than 60 companies in 13 countries, across a variety of industries including agriculture, aviation, education, healthcare, hospitality, real estates, travel and venture capital.

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