Frequently asked questions


Can I apply as an individual?

Yes, you may apply as an individual for the event.

What is the maximum team size?

We have a limit of 2 participants per team.

What are the requirements to apply as a team?

Our only requirement for team applications is that the lead applicant/founder is female.

Acceptable team formats:
• 2 female co-founders
• 1 female lead founder + 1 male co-founder

Will I be able to form a team during the hackathon?

No, all teams should formed prior to application. Please note that there will be no team formation/assignment during the duration of the hackathon.

I have a male co-founder, can we join?

Yes, our only requirement for mixed-gender teams is that the lead founder/applicant has to be female.

Is there an application fee?

No, application to Build to Last Virtual Hackathon is completely free.

We're applying as a team! Do we need to submit an application for each member?

No, teams are required to only submit one application. Upon selecting the team option in the registration form, you will be prompted to provide the details of both the lead and co-applicant.


I'm from a non-technical background. Can I still sign up?

Yes, applicants without a technical background are welcomed.

I can't attend the full hackathon! Can I still sign up?

No, we require that all participants are committed to attending the full programme lineup.

Do I need an existing business idea to apply?

Yes, we require all applicants to come with an existing business idea, as the programme lineup is geared towards making that business idea sustainable in the long run.

I have an existing business. Can I still participate?

Yes. We are open to existing founders with early-stage businesses.

Is the hackathon only open to Singapore founders?

No. The hackathon will be held 100% online and is open to existing and aspiring female founders from across Southeast Asia.

About the Hackathon

What is the theme of this hackathon?

Our theme is sustainability, which is how well your business can navigate the unpredictability of the future to ensure the long-term success of your business idea.

Is there a specific industry that the hackathon will be focusing on?

No, we believe that sustainable businesses can come from any existing or new industries.

What are the prizes for winning this hackathon?

The top three teams will advance to the later stages of pitching with Reapra's Investment Committee for up to SGD100K to kickstart their business idea.

They will also receive hands-on mentorship and business coaching from both the Reapra and Future Females networks.
Additionally, they will also receive Special Offers for Future Females Global Business School (more details to be unveiled soon).

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